DroneCon 2014


El día de hoy comenzó el Dronecon 2014 en Boulder, Colorado, conferencia anual de desarrolladores de UAV’s organizada por DIY Drones (http://diydrones.com/) y 3D Robotics Inc. Las pláticas impartidas están contempladas dentro de dos categorías: Técnico y Aplicaciones. Los invitamos a que se mantengan al tanto de las noticias alrededor de este increíble evento. 

Dronecon 2014 started today at Boulder, Colorado, an annual conference for UAV developers organized by DIY Drones and 3D Robotics. The talks within the program are categorized in two tracks: technical and Applications. We invite you guys to stay on top of this amazing event.


picture from http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/dronecon-2014-underway



9:00-9:25 Chris Anderson, CEO 3D Robotics

State of the Union

9:25-9:45 Randy Mackay, Arducopter Lead Developer

Arducopter overview

9:45-10:05 Kevin Hester, Head of Platform Engineering 3D Robotics

Dronehub API overview

10:05-10:25 Doug Weibel, Aerospace Engineering Science University of Colorado at Boulder

Introduction to the Extended Kalman Filter

10:25-10:40 Leonard Hall, Arducopter Developer

Autotuning on Arducopter

10:40-11:00 Coffee

11:00-11:20 Fergus Noble, CTO Swiftnav

Introduction to Differential GPS

11:20-11:40 Jonathan Challenger

Advancements in magnetometer calibration and compensation

11:40-12:00 Dr. Eric Frew, Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Communication and Atmospheric Sensing Missions

12:00-2:00 Lunch

2:00-2:25 Kevin Hester, Head of Platform Engineering

Dronehub API workshop

2:25-2:45 Jono Millin, Co-founder Drone Deploy

More API

2:45-3:05 Robert Lefebvre, Traditional Helicopter Lead Developer

Introduction to Traditional Helicopter dynamics

3:05-3:25 Chris Miser, Founder Falcon UAV

Anti poaching UAV applications

3:25-3:45 Daniel McKinnon, Co-Founder, Agribotix

UAVs in Agriculture: What do farmers really want?

3:45-4:05 Jamie Mercado, CTO Droidika

Comparison of a conventional survey vs a UAV based survey on an urban setting

4:05-4:25 Danny Coolahan, Cinematographer, Three Legged Lab

Iris in the wild

4:25-5:00 Andrew Tridgell, Arduplane Lead Developer


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